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Terms and Conditions

  1. Accept the scholarship by the given deadline, via our online acceptance form. The International Office reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.
  2. Meet any conditions attached to your academic offer.
  3. Register on your academic course by the given start date, as specified in your confirmation email.  Scholarships may not be deferred to the following academic year.
  4. Seek permission and obtain consent from the International Office before making any changes to your programme of study, this includes changing course title, course transfers, suspending studies, etc. Please note that approval is not guaranteed.  Where changes are made without prior approval, the scholarship will be withdrawn and you may be required to repay the scholarship in full. Scholarships are not automatically extendable.
  5. Pay all outstanding tuition fees by University deadlines if you have not been awarded a full scholarshipNon-payment of fees may result in the scholarship being withdrawn and full fees being charged to you.
  6. Make satisfactory progress on your programme of study. The scholarship is subject to satisfactory progress in other words if you fail any course or lag behind on your attendance you’ll be redrawn from the scholarship programme and required to pay a full fee.
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