Vankan Leadership Month

Stop Thinking Start Doing


You are not doing business in a selfish, greedy and destructive fashion but business is being done taking into account the importance of contributing to others and securing a future for the next generation


How do I become Better at doing Business?

All the pointers for a Financial Break


 Make french your second language


Skill Acquisition

Acquire the knowledge you need to make your life better, increase your earning, positively impact your family and your community

Conscious Entrepreneurship Projects

Learn and implement a step by step process in business establishment and company creation with an entirely different approach

Learn French

You do not have to visit France to learn french. Avail yourself of the rare opportunity to learn to speak french properly.

Excursion experience


Get to know and understand Cotonou a little more by visiting amazing historical sites

Ocean Breeze

Have you ever wondered what the ocean is like

Beauty in Nature


EPS University students 45, 000


EPS University Graduates 50, 000
Students from other Benin Republic Universities


50, 000
Students and graduates from other countries


70, 000

(ACCOMODATION FREE. Feeding not inclusive.)


  • Participants  who register automatically get shares in the upcoming Vankan Microfinance Platform.


  • Please note that for all students, the registration fee is actually 100,000 naira, subsidized by the university and her partners to 45, 000 Naira for EPS students and 50,000 Naira for non – EPS students and so forth.





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